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Body noun /ˈbɒd.i/

  • The whole physical structure that forms a person or animal. ‘The human body is composed of about 60% water.’

  • The main part of a person's or animal's body, without the head, or without the head, arms, and legs. ‘He has a beautiful body with thin legs and arms.’

  • The painted metal shell of a vehicle, such as a car or an aircraft. ‘My car's bodywork is in good condition.’

  • A dead person. ‘Police had marked off the area where the body was found.’

  • A person. ‘A body can live in these conditions.’

Woman noun /ˈwʊm.ən/

  • An adult female human being. ‘She's a really nice woman.’

  • An adult who lives and identifies as female though they may have been said to have a different sex at birth. ‘She is a woman who was assigned male at birth.’

  • A wife or female sexual partner. ‘He has a new woman.’


It was loved and hated, it was admired and despised, it was cherished and detested, it was desired and rejected, it was craved and disliked, it was abused and adulated, it was sold and bought, it was molested, raped, and burned at the stake while it was glorified and venerated in hymns, poems, and art. I am not certain if there is anything more controversial and tormented on the one hand and adulated on the other than a woman's body.

To muddle things even more, on top of all these atrocities, we also have the female beauty myth and all the beliefs associated with the notion of beauty. Not only is beauty just a notion or concept, and as such, it is not something universally valid or all-encompassing, but it is also time-related, with each century (or recently every decade) having its own criteria or rules of what beauty is and, as a direct consequence, what a female body “should” look like.

The beauty concept or myth is encountered in all aspects of everyday life, from the fashion and beauty industry to work and religion. Being entrenched in the minds of some, there is no wonder this myth time and again creates fundamentally unachievable standards, or for the achievement of which women often undergo difficult surgeries or hard-to-imagine torments. It is like a maleficent mind, with a quaint sense of integrity, had decided that too much wood had been consumed; hence, they should not be burned at the stake anymore, for it is not modern; it is not civilised. Instead, they can be helped to abuse themselves, making them grateful or even happy for the physical and psychic trauma they have to endure.

Everything, utterly everything in this life of dreams or dreaming life, is a belief. There is no world; everything we experience in this physical reality is the product of what we believe in, it is reinforced by how we feel about the belief, and it is structured by what we think about what we feel about what we believe.

Coming back to the maleficent mastermind, allow me to disabuse you of that disillusion. There is no maleficent mastermind who is creating what we experience, there are no punishments, there are no retributions, we are not forced into anything, we are not stuck into anything. It is all about us, each and every one of us, for we are creating our lives. The world, our perception of the world, is not coming from something exterior, it is not imposed on us, it is rather projected outward from our minds, it is projected through our eyes.

And if we don’t like what we live, if we don’t like what we experience, all we have to do is change our beliefs, redefine our thoughts, and allow ourselves the opportunity to see the transformations taking place in our physical reality as a reflection of the new ideas and the new belief system we have consciously created ourselves to be.

While being in the dream we seem to be living in, we seem to be either male or female, and it is not difficult to observe from the so-called history of humanity that there is a kind of fear of men towards women; therefore, I cannot help but wonder why men are afraid of women. Just because they are different and they don’t understand them, and like any other being, they are afraid of what they don’t know or of what they cannot comprehend?

People tend to believe that what cannot be seen with the eyes does not exist, and the physical eyes cannot see in ignorance because ignorance is darkness. Similarly, people tend to understand only what they have experienced, and as such, how can someone who has never had a headache understand what a headache is? How can men truthfully understand that women are beings of many parts? How can ever a man utterly comprehend and, most of all, feel the profound woman’s desire to be a mother or the ecstasy of feeling another life growing in your womb? How can a man understand the deep sense of desperation if, for whatever reason, a woman believes she cannot give birth? How can they understand menstrual pain? How can they understand the transformations and moods that occur during menopause?

As such, the expression of a woman's consciousness is not fully understood by men in this world of forms, nor are they able to understand the nature of such consciousnesses, which is why they interpret women’s behaviour according to their own beliefs, among which the expression of sexuality is considered male while the expression of love is not considered manly.

Yet, while love is the purest form of energy that binds together all the atoms and keeps our bodies alive, love is also a biological necessity, a force that operates to one degree or another in all biological life. Without love, there is no physical commitment to life.

Sexuality represents but one aspect of bodily love, perhaps an important one, or better, as important as one considers it to be, yet if sex is perceived as the only expression of love, understandable conflicts arise. If this were not enough, many a good man has been taught to separate love and sex so that a schizophrenic condition results that tears apart their minds as they live their lives, for if one feels that sex is the only proper way of expressing love and also believes that sex and love are divided, sex often being associated with a lack of love, one finds oneself in a massive conundrum. And conundrum here is far limiting a word.

With such an ancestral heritage of beliefs and such a tangled thread of thoughts, there is little to wonder that women are misunderstood, loved but feared, adulated but mistreated. Yet when men manage to blend the female and male characteristics, the seeming oppositions and contradictions start to fade away. When they do not allow sexual roles to blind them, they are apt to combine reason and emotion, intuition and intellect, and in so doing, create concepts and new beliefs that reconcile previous contradictions.

Sex was designed as an instrument of physical creation to enable souls to embark on new chapters of their experience and thus improve their record. As the parent made new homes for Souls and guided them through the period of their own preparation for development, he learned the role of the father himself. The whole process was set up as a learning experience in obtaining Divine Grace. Inappropriate sex drives result in guilt, if expressed, and depression, if denied, for all real pleasure comes from doing God’s will, and whenever it is not done, there is a lack of results because not doing the will of God is a lack of self.


Medium: acrylic on cropped MDF boards, on artist's frames

Size: 122 H x 84 W x 3.5 D cm

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