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The words you are reading now are not my words. I did not invent them, they were here long before I came, or perhaps re-came, into this dream world. I heard them, I read them, and I came to understand each of them, learn and appropriate them, and use them as being mine as well.

The ideas you are reading now are not my ideas. I was not “born” with them, nor have I inherited them. I did not make them up. I heard them, I read them, I came to understand them individually, I believed and trusted them, I adopted them, and now I use and share them as being equally mine.

I am the Son of Him whom you call God. And can I be another thing as well? I am as God created me. I am the dreamer of the world of dreams. I am not a body, for no body can contain my spirit nor impose on me a limitation God created not.

You are my brother and a Son of God Himself, as holy as He is and as much a part of the Sonship as myself. Only acceptance can be asked of you, for what you are is certain, so far beyond all doubt. And what you accept as what you are proclaims what everyone else must be, along with you. Fail not our brothers, for you fail yourself. Choose to see our brothers' sinlessness, choose to forgive them their illusions, and look lovingly at them so that they may know that they are part of you and you of them, recognising Christ in all of us.

Questioning what is the “you” who is living in this world is all the proof you need to show yourself that you still believe the contradiction that you do not know what you cannot fail to know. Asking what you are, is it a question or a statement which denies itself in statement?

Let us be neither arrogant nor falsely humble. You are the holy Son of God sinless as Its Creator. You are the spirit forever lovingly endowed with all your Father’s Love, peace, and joy. You are one Self, united with our brothers in that Self, united with our Father in His Will, in perfect harmony with all that there is and all that there will be. You are the Spirit that completes Himself and shares His function as Creator. He is with you always, as you are with Him.

Then, since you cannot not teach, your salvation lies in your teaching. This is how you will learn the truth that will set you free and will keep you free as others learn it from you. An idea that you share, you must have, and it awakens in your mind through the conviction of teaching it, and everything you teach, you are learning because it is teaching you.

Teach innocence by actions or thoughts, in words or soundlessly, in any language or in no language, in any place, time, or manner, for in our brothers’ innocence you will find your sinlessness.

Teach forgiveness, for each unforgiving mind encountered presents you with an opportunity to teach your own how to forgive yourself.

Teach peace, for by teaching peace, you must learn it yourself; teach peace, for it is the only way to have peace.

Teach only love and learn that love is yours and love is what you are.


Cristian Stefanescu, a British artist, was born in 1968 in Bucharest, Romania. He obtained an MSc degree in 1992 at the Technical University of Construction Bucharest, specialising in Water and Wastewater Treatment followed by a second MSc in 1994 obtained at the University of Liège, specialising in Groundwater Engineering. Years later, in 2014, he became a licenced NLP Master Practitioner, awarded by the International Association for Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

After having spent more than a decade of his life teaching at the Technical University of Construction Bucharest, Cristian moved from academia to Information Technology holding senior management positions in multinational companies in Europe. Subsequently, he moved to entrepreneurship and created his own IT outsourcing company, which soon became one of the most prominent companies in the field in Romania.

His passion for art and photography developed in his first years of college, and, regardless of his occupation, it remained a constant element of his life, allowing him to have regular collaborations with fashion brands. Ultimately, in 2018, together with his wife, the painter Anca Stefanescu, they burned all the bridges and moved to London, where they opened their art studio, dedicating his time entirely to art.


  • If you like my artworks, you like my artworks. I am grateful, and I thank you very much.

  • If you don’t like my artworks, you don’t like my artworks. I am grateful, and I do thank you very much

  • I see no reason why a long list of exhibitions, biennials, sold artworks, and gallery representations should change your perception of my art. Only You can choose the feelings You wish to experience.

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