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Cristian’s limited edition photographic prints are available to buy. Prices vary depending on size and edition sales and start at £1,750

Should you wish to check which editions are available, and to discuss further details please feel free to contact us directly. Should you like to find out more about each series printing and framing systems, please download the catalog here.

If you would like to see what a photograph would look like in your home, please email us a JPEG of the wall space where you would envision hanging the artwork and we will send you back a rendering.

Bespoke order

If you would like to buy original photography prints, we are kindly asking you to please contact us via email or phone and let us know which photography you are interested in and the dimension of the artwork. Furthermore, please include your contact information and any other relevant details in your message. You shall receive an answer with a price and artwork details within 48 hours.

Make an offer

Collectors can submit an offer as well. Obviously, an offer that is considerably lower than the original price has less chance of being accepted. You should receive an answer or counter-offer within 48 hours. We ask, out of respect, to please only make offers on the artwork you are ready and willing to purchase should your offer be accepted.

If your offer is accepted, you are required to go forward with the purchase If you have not heard a response in over 48 hours, we are kindly asking you to please send us back an inquiry regarding your offer. Please be certain to include the name of the artwork (and dimension) so that we may easily identify it.

The artwork will not be placed on hold while you await a response. If you have submitted an offer on an artwork, please be advised that it will still be available for sale at full price, and another collector will be able to purchase the artwork at any time.

Also, multiple offers can be submitted for the same artwork at the same time, so we encourage you to always submit your best offer first rather than wait for a possible counter-offer from our side.


The Collector must pay us the full price of the order before we will send any part of it. For the time being, we can only accept Bank Transfer and PayPal payment methods.

Banking charges by the receiving bank on payments to us will be borne by us. All other charges relating to payment in a currency other than Pounds Sterling will be borne by you.

Right Of Withdrawal

In accordance with the legal provisions in force, the Purchaser has a period of 14 days from the receipt of the Artwork to exercise his right of withdrawal to cancel the order, free of charge and without having to provide reasons.



A Certificate of Authenticity is a signed document proving the authenticity of the work and containing details about the artwork for the Purchaser's reference. Each artwork sold will be signed and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Cristian.

Full ownership of any sold artwork will reside with the Artist until full payment has been received. The copyright in the Artworks remains with the Artist even after ownership passes to the Purchaser.

The Artist reserves all rights to the reproduction of the Artworks and the Purchaser will not permit any of the Artworks to be copied, photographed or reproduced, save as agreed in writing to the contrary.

Photographic prints are sold for display purposes only. Scanning or copying prints in any way is considered infringement of the artist’s copyright and a violation of UK’s and international copyright law.

Although the Copyright in the work is retained by the Artist, the Purchaser shall be entitled to permit the reproduction of the work in books, art magazines and exhibition catalogues. If you are interested in using one of our images for advertising or design purposes, please contact us to license the high-resolution image. In every instance of such use the Artist shall be acknowledged as the creator and copyright owner of the Artwork.

At no time and under any circumstances is the Purchaser allowed to intentional or grossly negligent alter or distort in any way the Artwork.

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