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World noun /wɜːld/

  • The earth and all the people, places, and things on it. 'People from different cultures have different conceptions of the world.'

  • A group of things such as countries or animals, or an area of human activity or understanding. 'Unexpected things can happen in the world of subatomic particles'.

  • A planet or other part of the universe, especially one where life might or does exist. 'There was a man who believes we've been visited by beings from other worlds.'


I see these roofs when I wake up, throughout the day, and in the evening when I go to bed. Are these roofs the boundary between the reality of the senses and the infinity of the sky? Is the sky real just because I can see it? And what do my eyes actually see? But can I touch the sky? Are the roofs more real than the sky because I could also touch them? They seem so real to me; it seems that I can walk and move between them; it seems that I exist between them, and yet everything is but an illusion. I don't exist among them, but they exist in me; everything that I see, hear, and feel exists in me and equally in you. We are all makers of this world; we made the world we see, and in order for us to change it, we should first accept what we have made as what it is. And this is Not arrogance.

Your Spirit – your own Self, your higher self, your soul, your oversoul, whatever you wish to call it, exists not within your body, your body exists within your soul. No body can ever contain your Spirit. Your world exists within your Soul, your solar system, your galaxy, your universe, your reality exists within your Soul, everything exists within your Soul. This is the nature of your Soul or your own Self.

You are so expert in creating your reality entirely that you can experience the appearance of an external universe. So proficient are you at expressing yourself completely in finite terms that it may seem that, in reality, you are a minute part, a perishable grain of sand in the infinite eternity of creation. So great is your creative power that you are able to completely forget that you made everything and that you made the world that your body’s eyes can see.

Once you begin to entertain the idea of yourself as a spirit, as an infinite being, you then begin to draw to yourself, within the physical parameters you have set up, information, resources, and time that allow you to begin to express yourself more and more of what you already are, not becoming something you are not, but simply expressing more of what you already are.

Everything is a mental exercise; even though you accept or not, everything is a mental exercise and a mental practice, let’s say. You have to allow and accept that your physical reality is formed by your thoughts. This process does not imply any effort, any struggle, or any special exercises; it is strictly your willingness to accept that this is how things work, and if you would like, you can try to find examples in your past that will prove you so.


It is your ability to believe, simply to believe that this is how you form your own reality. It is nothing more to be done or to be said. We can talk about this, and you can read many books about this, but in the end, this is how this physical world is formed, and this is what you must accept one day.

Do not let yourself be fooled by what the physical world presents to you, for projections make perceptions. Everything that you experience in the physical reality is first an internal process; the thought you think and then the feeling you feel creates your world, and the world you project can only have one leading role.

When you close your eyes, the world around you disappears, and your thoughts in different forms create images and feelings. For you, most of the time, this appears as an insignificant process that has no solidity or implications in the physical world, but it is this and only this that has the force of creation and nothing else, even though from a physical focus and point of view it may not seem so.

The world you see does not exist. For it is indeed your own imagining, your own thoughts, and you can lose it from all things you ever thought it was by merely changing all the thoughts that gave it these appearances. All men have the power to create reality, and every man creates his own reality, but this power is unrecognised or dormant when it is not consciously exercised.

This consciously recognised and exercised power allows you to take the process—you are already unconsciously using it—to create your own reality and change it to be the way you want it to be. The moment you choose to begin to consciously exercise this power and express joy and ecstasy in your life, it is not so much who you have been until now as who you want to be, who you consciously choose to be, and who you already are. Therefore, once you've decided who you are, any person you might have been at any other time in the past becomes utterly irrelevant to that decision in the present.

It is neither foolish nor arrogant to admit that what holds the world or forms bound is nothing but your own beliefs, your own thoughts. It is not foolish to accept that you made the world you see, and it changes as you change your thoughts. But it is foolish to consider that you came into a world separate from you, indifferent and unresponsive to everything you think, and completely different from what you expected it to be.


One of the main thoughts that you have to accept in this physical world is that there is no world! You were wrong about the world because you misjudged yourself. From such a distorted point of view, what could you truly see? All seeing begins with the perceiver, who judges what he considers to be true and what he considers to be false. And what he has judged as false, he does not see. The one who would judge reality will not be able to see it because, whenever judgement enters, reality has escaped. Out of mind is out of sight, not because what is denied does not exist but because what is denied is not recognised.

Not everyone is ready to accept this thought, and everyone must go as far as they can to let themselves be led on the road to truth. And yet you can be sure that one day, maybe today, maybe tomorrow, you will understand, you will comprehend, and you will see a feeling of love you cannot grasp, a joy too profound for you to fathom, a sight too holy for the body’s eyes to see, a kind of peace that is not of this world.


One day we shall all see the rise of the real world to replace the foolish images that we hold dear with true ideas given birth in place of thoughts that have no meaning, no effect, and no source or substance in truth. One day we shall all learn the cost of sleeping, and we shall refuse to pay it anymore, and only then shall we decide to awaken. One day, the real world will happen to take the place of what has never been at all, of all the twisted images and grossly distorted broken parts. One day forgiveness will clear all sin, and the real world will occupy the place of this delusional system of those made mad by guilt, where punishment rules and all the laws of death seem to govern it.

One day we shall all see, for no one can fail who seeks to find the truth. One day we shall remember the laws of God, forgetting all the laws of the ego. And one day we shall remember God and all our brothers, for God cannot be remembered alone, and we shall find our way back to the holy home from which we never ever really left.


The series comprises 21 artworks.

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