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Your own Self or soul exists not within your body, your body exists within your soul. Your world exists within your soul, your solar system, your galaxy, your universe, your reality exists within your soul, everything exists within your soul. This is the nature of your soul or own Self.

The world does not exist. For it is indeed your own imagining, and you can lose it from all things you ever thought it was by merely changing all the thoughts that gave it these appearances. All men have the power to create reality, and every man creates his own reality, but this power is dormant when it is not consciously exercised.

The world is nothing in itself. Your mind must give it meaning. There is no world apart from what you wish, and herein lies your ultimate release. Change but your mind on what you want to see, and all the world must change accordingly. You made the world you see, and it changes as you change your mind. To free the world from every sort of pain is but to change your mind about yourself. There is no world apart from your ideas and you maintain the world within your mind in thought. Since you already create your own reality, you can begin to do it consciously right now. Willingly participating in the creation and experience of your reality consciously is but a joyful celebration of what you already are.

Everything is a mental exercise, even though you accepted or not accepted, everything is a mental exercise and a mental practice let’s say. You have to allow and accept that your physical reality it is formed by your thoughts. This process does not imply any effort or any struggle or any special exercises, it is strictly your willingness to accept that this is how things work and if you would like you can try to find examples in your past that will prove you so.

It is your ability to believe, simply to believe that this is how you form your own reality. It is nothing more to be done or to be said. We can talk about this, and you can read many books about this, but in the end, this is how this reality is formed and this is what you must accept.


The series comprises 21 artworks.

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