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This artwork is part of the "Concrete Reality"series. Concrete is something existing in a material or physical form while Reality is the aggregate of all that is real. At first glance it may seem like a pleonasm. But Concrete is also a composite material resulting from the aggregation of gravel with cement and water. While at its core, the word concrete means ‘together, to grow’, it is one of the most frequently used building materials.

Through this game of words, I tried to describe brutalism, to describe these raw beautiful monolithic buildings.

Barbican London #08

  • Each artwork is printed on demand in a limited edition. We are providing exceptional quality photographic exhibition printing using either Lambda c-type printing or Giclée Printing on Hahnemühle authentic art paper or Ilford Black & White Resin Coated paper at the best printers in London and Berlin.
    Should you wish an alternative printing method such as ultraHD photo print on Aluminium dibond or Acrylic ultraHD photo prints, we are kindly asking you to please let us know.
    Depending on the desired printing surface (technology) and the size of the artwork we shall send you an offer within 48 hours

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