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Forgiveness, 2023

Forgiveness offers everything you want. Do you think there's something you could wish for, and forgiveness cannot give? Do you want peace? Forgiveness offers it to you. Do you want a serene mind and happiness? Forgiveness offers it to you. Do you want a harmony that can never be hurt, a calmness that cannot be distressed, a deep relief, and a rest so perfect that it can never be upset? Do you want to see a happy world of safety and of peace? All this forgiveness offers you, and more. And are there better gifts but these worthy to be sought?

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Flowers - Conceptual #01.jpg

Self-Forgiveness, 2023

[...] You choose what you want to look at, and this is all you see because projection always makes perception. You do not react to it as if you created it, and you do not acknowledge that the feelings the dream you live in arouse have to originate from you. The characters that peoples your dream and their actions appear to be what define the dream, and you are not aware that you are making others to act on your behalf because if you were, the sin would not be theirs but yours.

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Leaves - Conceptual #01.jpg

The Little Garden, 2023

[...] Within this little garden, the ego cruelly rules, and for its defence, it bids you fight against the universe. This fragment of your mind is such a tiny part of it that, could you but appreciate the whole, you would see instantly that it is like the faintest ripple on the ocean's surface.

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Shrubs - Conceptual #01.jpg

Perception, 2023

[...] This is why, in the world of forms, you do not respond directly to anything you see, feel, or hear, but rather to your mind's interpretation, so that your interpretation becomes the justification of the response. Remember always that you see what you seek, for what you seek, you will find.

What you see always reflects your thinking, and your thinking always reflects your choice of what you want to see. Your scale of values is a determiner of this; for what you value, you must want to see it, convinced that what you see is really there. No one can see a world to which his mind has not bestowed value. And no one can help but look at what they think they want.

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Cactus - Conceptual #01.jpg

Heaven & Heaven, 2023

[...] we remember that there is a place in us where this polarised reality experience, we seem to live in is melted away, there is a place in us where perfect peace abides, there is a place in us where nothing is impossible, there is a place in us where there is only love.

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Heaven & Heaven - Conceptual #01.jpg

Rescued Paper, 2023

[...] we seldom ascend to the unseen side of “why” it happened or “to what end” it happened, seeking out for the true significance for there is no object or event or even action that has ever taken place or is taking place now that is without significance.

Work in progress

Rescued Paper - Conceptual #001.jpg

Nothing Is for Nothing, 2023

[...] Nothing is impossible! Nothing is to be discarded; all is to be redeemed. Nothing is wasted, as nothing is delayed, and nothing happens for nothing and to no benefit to another.

Work in progress

Nothing is for Nothing - Conceptual #002.jpg

Painted Memories, 2023

I wondered how I could cover up a memory and make it disappear or fade it away. What happens if I paint over a photograph? Will the memory of the original photograph completely disappear? What happens if I create a new memory and overlay it exactly on top of the old one so as to completely block it? Would the first memory be erased from my mind, or would I end up having two separate layers of memories equally present? Is there a link between "now" and the "past"? What makes one remember certain things, especially things that one wants to forget when one knows that only the present exists? [...]

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Paint - Conceptual #01.jpg

Proof of Address, 2023

[...] Neither with my previous works nor with these ones did I ever harbour any intention to blur the line between art and life for, please allow me to disabuse you of this delusion, there is no line between life and art.

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Proof of Address - Conceptual #002.jpg

Chimneys, 2023

[...] You see what you expect, and you expect what you invite. Your perception is the result of your invitation, coming back to you as you sent for it. What you want in yourself you will make manifest, and you will accept it from the world because you put it there by wanting it.

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Chimneys - Conceptual #01.jpg

Symbols: Triangle, 2023

[...] Perception is always consistent with your choices and what you see always reflects your thinking. And your thinking reflects your choice of what you want to see. Your values are decisive in this, for what you value you must want to see, believing that what you see is really there.

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Triangles - Conceptual #03.jpg

There Is No World, 2023

[...] The world does not exist. For it is indeed your own imagining, and you can lose it from all things you ever thought it was by merely changing all the thoughts that gave it these appearances.

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There is no World -  - Conceptual #01.jpg

Bodies Don’t Communicate, 2023

[...] Bodies are neutral, bodies don’t communicate for minds need not the body to communicate. The body thinks no thoughts. It has no power to learn, to pardon, or enslave. Bodies cannot forgive....

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Bodies Don’t Communicate - Conceptual #01.jpg

The Aesthetics of Beauty, 2022

[...] My truth, that I choose to explore now, says that beauty is a subjective interpretation. We can’t give a definition for a word that is a symbol used by each of us according with our own beliefs, with our own interpretation. What we experience in this physical reality through our emotions and our thoughts are always interpretations, our “personal” ego interprets what our thoughts create..

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A Woman's Body, 2022

[...] It was loved and heated, it was admired and despised, it was cherished and detested, it was desired and rejected, it was craved and disliked, it was abused and adulated, it was sold and bought, it was molested, raped, burned at the stake while it was glorified and venerated in hymns, poems, and art. I am not certain if there is anything more controversial and tormented on one hand and adulated on the other hand than a woman's body.

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A Woman's-Body - Conceptual #01.jpg

Naked Thoughts, 2022

[...] Whether we present fantastic rich worlds which we escape in, or a pragmatic and simplified representation of a considered reality we live in, or the weirdest and most vulnerable parts of ourselves, we stand naked in front of you, the public, the viewer, our naked thoughts …naked to be laughed at or praised, naked to be hated or admired, naked to be despised or cherished, to be understood or not, to be criticized or applauded.

I harbour no such illusion that an artwork can be universally liked yet if one single man can make sense of the letters, if one person was helped not feel as alone, if one individual is supported in understanding how much larger a role he has to play still, the artwork has reached its purpose.

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Naked Thoughts - Conceptual #002.jpg

Love Letters, 2021

[...] Originally, as if frozen in a world that was not ours, as painted in a painting we were not part of, we couldn't do anything. We have however agreed, as I wrote to her, that “I shall search for her on all the planets and in all the lives I shall ever have” and we allowed ourselves to write to each other.

These are our love letters rewritten on our costumes since we were two faceless souls communicating with each other. These are our words, our feelings, our embraces, our buckets of tears of sorrow and joy, of desire, of love, of … hope!

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Love LettersConceptual #03.jpg

Fusion, 2020

About Love, Life, and Art

[...] The artistic impulses are the very expression of our individuality, not only as human personalities but part of the individuality of the source we are coming from. They hold great authenticity and those around an artwork may perceive this unperceivable energy that they carry.

We cannot separate therefore and break into different concepts and speak separately about love, life, and art. Life is love, love is life, and art is an expression of the love for life that one holds in his being.

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Fusion - Conceptual #02.jpg

Equinox, 2020

[...] In each end every one of us lies the power to fully blend the masculine and the feminine energies, to consciously choose the blending of the polarity of positive and negative energy, to fully blend the harmony and love, the happiness that is ours, that is our birth right and is fully enclosed within us and in the marriage of the relationship of the female and the male, there is not the loss of the individuality, but rather the celebration and rejoicing of oneness.

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EquinoxConceptual #05.jpg

Hands, 2020

[...] Expressing ourselves in this world encompasses our interaction with the world. Every single concept, every single object, every relationship, every single situation, in one word every interaction is the same one thing but an encounter with ourselves manifested from all the different points of view that oneness can manifest and what the interaction brings up is what we need to look at at the particular moment of interaction.

We are all teachers and learners, we are all equal sharers, each of us has something to reflect to the other, we are all mirrors.

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HandsConceptual #05.jpg

FrameWork, 2021

[...] The creative power to shape our own experience is within us now, as it has always been since the day we were born. We might have chosen a particular idea for this reality, a certain framework of conditions, but within these we have the autonomy to test, to research, to create, and alter conditions and events we have the liberty to recreate our reality should we so desire. Each person chooses for himself the individual patterns within which he will create his personal reality.


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FrameWork - Conceptual #01.jpg

Memories, 2021

[...] Throughout our linear reality, we always see ourselves in the present moment, we recall an approximate past (not necessarily known or remembered in every detail) and look into the future, where even if we have a sense of what is to come we are wondering many times what it will bring.

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Memories - Conceptual #01.jpg

Viewpoint, 2021

[...] Acceptance is still and quietly does nothing. It offends no aspect of reality, nor seeks to twist it to an appearance that one may like. It merely looks and contemplates and most important does not judge.

Basically, detaching the notion that a viewpoint, a truth is the only way, and replacing it with the notion that a truth is only one way, can increase the acceptance of others and can lead to much better communication between people regardless of whether or not they can see eye to eye on a particular idea. I am sure I am far from alone in believing that increasing the acceptance of others and a better communication leads undoubtedly to a greater unity since there is strength and unity in diversity.

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Viewpoint - Conceptual #03.jpg

Liquified Reality, 2021

[...] Blurring the outer features, the kiss became a ripple of life, and the ripple became a wave of light, and the light became love, and love became a kiss [...]

Everything I do is part of exploring the world. I put a part of myself, I put my ideas and my emotions in every artwork, and I let it communicate further with the world. Once finished an artwork is an artwork no longer, it waves and flows on the wall, it is part of the wall, and the wall is a wall no longer it is the connection with the outside world, with the collective liquified reality

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Liquified Reality - Conceptual #004c.jpg

Streamlined, 2021

[...] As art creation springs from a combination of thoughts and therefore emotions, enjoying an artwork is not only therapeutic, but it also highlights the ethereal wedding of the conscious and unconscious mind, transforming the viewer into a creator per se.

Just as a photograph is the re-creation of something that was previously created, in the very same way the viewer, from his own inner identity, is the re-creator of any artwork. The viewer’s conscious mind arose to open up choices, to free him from a one-road experience and feelings (e.g. “what did the artist want to say?”), to let one use his or her creativity to form diversified, wide-ranging comprehensions.

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Streamlined - Conceptual #01.jpg

Changing Beliefs, 2021

[...] The painter chooses from his palette the colours he wants to use in his artwork just as we choose from the multitude of beliefs available on our mind’s palette those we want to use, those we consciously chose to trust in, with which we choose to paint the physical picture of our thoughts, with which we choose to create our life.

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Changing Beliefs - Conceptual #01.jpg

Cognisant, 2021

[...] However, no matter what action we take or not, being aware that not taking action is an action per se, we should not judge, we should not blame. Under no circumstances can judgment mean integrity. As an opposite to integrity and integration, judgement stands for the separation of the self who perceives, and therefore judges and values, from the object or action which is perceived and evaluated.

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Pathway, 2021

[...] There are many ways, many mechanisms, many ideas through which we express ourselves as physical beings, as lifetimes, as statements of reality, as our version of reality. The path to our desires is not always a straight path. It is like a water network within which water can reach from one point to another in several ways, sometimes it can choose the shorter path, other times the longer one, sometimes it can have a higher speed and other times a lower one, always with curves and tees and valves and elbows. All of these things are life circumstances and situations, they are only opportunities for growth and evolution. And how we work with the energy of growth when the opportunity arises is what changes us, what expands us as we evolve and mature into the wholeness of being.

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All Truths Are True, 2020-2021

[...] Basically detaching the notion that a truth is the only way, and replacing it with the notion that a truth is only one way, can increase the acceptance of others and can lead to much better communication between people regardless of whether or not they can see eye to eye on a particular idea. Increasing the acceptance of others and a better communication leads undoubtedly to a greater unity since there is strength and unity in diversity.

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All Truths Are TrueConceptual #03.jpg

Frame Of Reference, 2020-2021

[...] In a larger sense each and every individual human being is an artist, is a creator. Out of our thoughts, our ideas, our belief systems, we paint daily our lives, we picture our future, we act in interacting with others, we form the living sculpture of our body and this is far more important to us than any other work. It can be conceptual or not, it can be random or not, but at the end of the day our life is our most Intimate work of art. And even this artwork is open to the observation and reflection of everybody, including the creator himself.

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Frame of Reference - Conceptual #04.jpg

We Contain All, 2020-2021

[...] All that it takes to align or realign our reality according to our preference is the clearness of our vision or, in other words, our clear intention(s). The moment we are conscious of anything, it is no longer something remaining in our subconscious, it is something conscious, which we now choose to do something about. When we establish our clear intention, we adapt the frequency of our reality to the frequency of our desire. Hence, that it is not simply a mental exercise to clarify and establish our clear vision, it is, accurately, the initiating step that sets up the energy template, the model, that “our reality then grows upon”. Therefore it is not merely an exercise but a foundational statement of a conscious creator.

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We Contain All - Conceptual #04.jpg

Playing Contrasts, 2021

[...] It is the willingness to comprehend that we have created these ideas within ourselves to make ourselves complete within this realm of reality. We are a polarised society, we contain the whole of the dichotomy of the polarity of the apparent contrasts and opposites. The further we are willing to look at ourselves as a complete and total creator, the more of creation we will allow within our reality.

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Playing Contrasts - Conceptual #01.jpg

Models, 2021

[...] In addition to that, the models we take are always altered by our interpretation. And what is important, the models we consider always contain something that is already contained within us, maybe something that we reject or deny about ourselves, or maybe something “new” that we wish to bring in and to experience and we wish to express, but we always already possess within ourselves that particular characteristic let's say, yet we are not aware of it.


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Models - Conceptual #07.jpg

Now, 2021

[...] the Now moment is always our point of power, our point of decision, for since we always ever exist in the Now, it is always eternally right Now we can always change our reality right now for there is no other time. When we are willing to look at that we are not remembering a past that is ‘still there’ but recreating the past from the present right now we will understand that right now is all that matters. Right Now is the point at which we make, we create any determination or relationship to a past or a future. Right now is the time when we can change this idea.

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Now - Conceptual #01.jpg

24 Hours, 2020

Lockdown: The Illusion of Isolation

[...] I believe that my reality is in truth only a dream I am having, and I can dream it any way I want to. The world I see around me is an illusion created by the energy I am sending out.

As long as I am in the dream it feels real for me, but realising it is a dream I can change it, I can focus on the reality that I want to create and act in alignment and in accordance with the reality that I prefer to experience as my physical reality.

Within my conscious I can create all possible dreams, all imaginable realities I could ever experience. Choosing between one reality or another is a matter of aligning vibrationally with the particular reality I prefer.

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24 Hours - Conceptual #03.jpg

Linear Time, 2019-2021

[...] the past and future involves the existence of non-existence. Since the past is no longer, it does not exist into the now, it does not have any dimensions, hence time cannot be measured in the past. The future is yet to happen but it does not exist now either, thus we cannot measure the time in the future. As a consequence if neither the past, nor the future do not exist, the only time that exist is now, the only existence is in the present now [...]

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Linear Time - Conceptual #06.jpg

Momentum, 2020-2021

[...] But all the trees and all the elements that we perceive in our life are in truth our creation, our collective consciousness keeps this Earth into its very form as we perceive it, as we taste it, or smell it, or touch it, and eventually admire it.

We are all the artists of this world, we create life all the time in the same fashion as we create our bodies which intrinsically is an act of creation, the only difference with this process is that we do not usually describe the World as being Art.

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Momentum - Conceptual #01a.jpg

Quantum, 2021

[...] Yet, every part contains the whole, a drop of water has all the properties of the ocean. Everything we call physical reality is just the product of the information we have and of the definition we choose to use. One drop is the whole ocean. Whether this makes sense in our physiological reality or not, a drop of water contains the whole idea of the information of the ocean, each drop, each portion carries within it indelibly the knowledge of the whole, of the entire ocean, and it is just a matter of how we define it and what definitions we choose that might sometimes make it look different.

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Quantum - Conceptual #03.jpg

Monochromatic, 2020

[...] When we maintain the consistency of what we have decided, when we choose who we are, and then continue to decide "this is who I am," then we create a continuity, then we create the foundation through which we can begin to see the changes in our reality, see the changes in our lives through the eyes of the decision.

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MonochromaticConceptual #03.jpg

Progression, 2020

[...] Nearby, you can see the concrete structure, the lines of the buildings, the traces of the wooden boards printed in the buildings’ concrete [...]

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ProgressionConceptual #02.jpg

Fill in the Blank, 2020

[...] Entitled "Fill in the Blank” this series is the third I have created during lockdown and I have only used the white walls of our studio. This series is an invitation to each and every one of you to use and mentally write on these white walls, like on a white sheet of paper, who you prefer to be. We can change ourselves, we can change our vibration, we can start to see a different world.

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Fill in the Blank - Conceptual #01.jpg