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This series includes details of the paintings made by my wife Anca, which are part of the series named "In the Mood For Love".

Artists are constantly seeking ways to communicate their inner nature, their thoughts and their beliefs, through everything they are doing. Any artist does the same thing when he translates what he is, or a portion of it, into an artwork. Art has nothing to do with time but with the physical and spiritual focus of those who produce it. When an artist is creating an artwork, he is, out of his own feelings, out of his thoughts (not necessarily logical or coherent), out of the momentary vibration which he finds himself in, creating a vibrational “artwork”. Hence, the newly created work of art embodies the artist's energy vibration at the time of making.


However, what is happening with a detail or a part of a certain painting/artwork? Is it as beautiful and attractive as the whole? Does it encompass the full artist's energy vibration in the same way the whole painting does?

If I were to extend the questions, is a tree less beautiful or less strong than the forest it belongs to? Is a leaf less beautiful than the tree it comes from? Is a drop of water different from the rest of the ocean? At the first glance we could answer yes since the forest has many trees, the tree has many leaves and the ocean consists of many drops of water. But this is only a definition, this is only a point of view.


Yet, every part contains the whole, a drop of water has all the properties of the ocean. Everything we call physical reality is just the product of the information we have and of the definition we choose to use. One drop is the whole ocean. Whether this makes sense in our physiological reality or not, a drop of water contains the whole idea of the information of the ocean, each drop, each portion carries within it indelibly the knowledge of the whole, of the entire ocean, and it is just a matter of how we define it and what definitions we choose that might sometimes make it look different.


It is true that in my so called demonstration, by photographing details of Anca’s paintings I have created new artworks and therefore altered their original vibrational energy to some extent. However, the result, the new created artworks are open to the observation and reflection of everybody, and therefore it is for you the viewer, the reader, to draw your own conclusions.


Photographs, Giclée Printed on Hahnemühle Torchon Paper
Matt coating · 285 gsm · 100% α-cellulose

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