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Blank adjective /blæŋk/

  • Empty or clear, or containing no information or mark. ‘Press the return key twice to leave a blank line.’

Blank verb /blæŋk/

  • To ignore someone or pretend that you have not seen them or do not know them. ‘When I saw him out at a club the next night, he blanked me.’

Fill verb /fɪl/

  • To make or become full; to use empty space. ‘I filled the bucket with water.’

  • To put a substance into an empty space. ‘Before painting, fill (in) all the cracks in the plaster.’


We are living in a very particular moment, we are crossing a very particular threshold, things are swirling around. I do believe we should not run away (anyway, there is no place to hide), we should not bury our heads in the sand anymore.

Never before have we had such a huge opportunity to re-start in alignment with WHAT we really are, with WHO we truly are. Never before have we collectively had such a massive chance to honestly self-investigate ourselves, to re-define what we really want to do, how we want the world to be, and to re-create the reality we want to live in by simply changing our minds about the world.

The world of bodies we see is the deluded framework of people driven insane by guilt, for the acceptance of guilt into the mind of God’s Son was the beginning of the separation. If we look carefully at this world, we will realise that this is so. This world is a metaphor for retribution, while the rules that seem to govern this planet are the laws of death. Children are born into it through pain and in pain whilst their growth is joined by suffering, and they learn of sorrow, separation, and death. Their minds seem to be trapped in their brains, and their powers to decline if their bodies are injured. They seem to love, yet they desert and are deserted; they appear to lose what they love, and eventually their bodies wither and are laid in the ground and are no more.

We see a world of separate bodies, seeking to join each other in separate unions and to become one by losing, for when two people seek to become one, they are trying to decrease their magnitude because each would deny his power, for the separate union excludes the universe. We see a world of fear, a dangerous world, a hostile world, a sad world, a wicked world, and a crazy world. We see a world where something external to our minds, such as a virus, can hurt, or injure us, or bring us death. So great is the depth of madness that we see a world where it seems possible to doubt ourselves and be unsure of who we really are.

We don't really want the world we see, because it has failed us since the beginning of time. The houses we have built have never truly sheltered us, the roads we have made have led us nowhere, and no city we have ever built has stood the collapsing attack of time. Nothing we have done but has the mark of death upon it.

Let us then remember that we invented the world we see, and we are not its victims. How are we to be the victims of a world that we have the power to utterly undo—and this applies to our inner and outer worlds, which are actually the same even though we see them as different? The chains are loosened, we can drop them off merely by desiring to do so, and we can leave simply by walking out. Our desire to remain captive in this world is the only thing that keeps us here.

Entitled "Fill in the Blank,” this series is the third I have created during lockdown, and I have only used the white walls of our studio. This series is an invitation to each and every one of you to use and mentally write on these white walls, like on a white sheet of paper, who you prefer to be. We can change ourselves, we can change our vibration, and we can start to see a different world.


The series comprises 26 photographs

Hand Printed on B&W Ilford Baryta Paper
Matt Coating · Double Weight · 255 gsm · Fibre Base

The present abstract series of photographs has been created with fragments of our studio in Oxfordshire

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