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WE CONTAIN ALL, 2020-2021

We have black and white, we have up and down, right and left, fast and slow, long and short, in and out or inflow and outflow, north and south, we have positive and negative, we have conscious and unconscious, we have, in short, opposites or contrasts. We have and will always have polarity as long as we recreate ourselves into this physical world, since polarity is one of the definitions of our physical reality and we use this definition as a fundamental base for understanding.

Contrasts in our experience appear to us in their united clarity since we can only perceive one in connection with another. Positive and negative are simply both sides of the same event, and are always present simultaneously. I am not talking here about rightness and wrongness, good or bad or any of that because from the soul's perspective everything is infinite and everything can serve a purpose of growth and learning. Good and bad are just qualifications and are extremely subjective value judgment labels.

There is nothing truly ‘bad’ about negative energy or ‘good’ about positive energy; they both have a reason for existing. They both are a distinct expression and we contain them both. Since we contain all the energies, we cannot run from them, there is nowhere to go, they are who we are, and they are within us. It really makes no sense to deny the negative expression because it is one of the energies that allows the expression of this reality we live in or let’s say we constantly create and recreate ourselves in, it is just a matter of understanding the blending of positive and negative energy.

Because we encompass everything, each and every one of us we also contain all possible beliefs the human mind can imagine, but since polarity exists in everything, each and every one of us also contain all the opposite beliefs. There is nothing to gain or achieve, there is nothing to acquire or to complete, there is nothing to get rid of (there is no outside place to get rid of it to) or process through.

We, in our human state of being, are already everything there is to be, everything already exists within us. Everything that we experience is contained within our consciousness, within the already existing infinity of our consciousness. Since everything already exists within us, from our infinite point of view there is no "within" and "without," for these are linear terms, from our Earthly life linear point of view.

Since we contain all, what is most important is that we are able at any given moment to choose. At any given moment, we can exercise our ability to choose, even more, we can explore choosing consciously, according to our preference, according to what we want to be, according to what we want to explore. In the daily collective dream we live in called reality, it is only up to us, to express a belief or another, to express who we prefer to be. We do not have to ask for something because we already have it and all we need do is to consciously choose that particular something.

Often, we might entertain the apparency that there is something to obtain, there is a goal to reach, there is something to become that we are not already. The idea of becoming something that we are not already is an illusion. It is an apparency and is part of the decision that we make at that particular moment, a decision that we are not that something, a decision that says: “I am not that, but I can become that in an alleged different now” and in taking that decision we experience the idea of not having what we need right now. However, any decision can be changed, and we can just BE(come) something, there is no need for ‘coming’, there is nothing to come since we already have everything, since we already are the person we desire to be.

No matter what we have done, no matter who we have been, we can choose ourselves anew, we can create or recreate ourselves one hundred percent, in any given second, in any given Now moment since there is only now. Once we choose who we are and then continue to decide that we are that person, that is who we are, and there is nothing, utterly nothing, that can hold us back from who we are, except ourselves.­­­

All that it takes to align or realign our reality according to our preference is the clearness of our vision or, in other words, our clear intention(s). The moment we are conscious of anything, it is no longer something remaining in our subconscious, it is something conscious, which we now choose to do something about. When we establish our clear intention, we adapt the frequency of our reality to the frequency of our desire. Hence, that it is not simply a mental exercise to clarify and establish our clear vision, it is, accurately, the initiating step that sets up the energy template, the model, that “our reality then grows upon”. Therefore it is not merely an exercise but a foundational statement of a conscious creator.


The series comprises 36 photographs.

Hand Printed on B&W Ilford Baryta Paper
Matt Coating · Double Weight · 255 gsm · Fibre Base

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