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A point of view is the unique position from which something (or someone) is observed hence there are always certain aspects not visible from a single point of view. From a practical perspective, considering our physical limitations, one cannot consciously encompass all the points of view, nor can one see or observe from all points of view in the same time.

At which point have I found out that everything that I am saying, or perhaps doing, only represents my point of view, my perspective, my expressed beliefs at the time of speaking? I don’t mind admitting I don’t really remember. What I do remember is the huge amount of energy I had used to persuade people to see my point of view. At times, the more I was trying to convince someone the greater the resistance was, and often the discussion tended to turn into a passive aggressive dialogue. Was I doing that from an unconscious desire to get more perspectives, was I trying to convince my interlocutor, was I trying to convince myself, have I ever succeeded? It doesn’t even matter.

What really matters is that once I have understood and accepted that each and every one of us has his own perspective, his own point of view, his own truth and each and every one of us has the right to explore any truth or any viewpoint he or she wishes, I have found a sort of tranquillity and a peace of mind.

There are no big or small upsets, or big or small bipolar discussions, they are all equally disturbing one’s peace of mind. At times one may fail to fully comprehend the complete havoc the so-called small upsets make of one’s peace of mind.

Acceptance is still and quietly does nothing. It offends no aspect of reality, nor seeks to twist it to an appearance that one may like. It merely looks and contemplates and most important does not judge.

Basically, detaching the notion that a viewpoint, a truth is the only way, and replacing it with the notion that a truth is only one way, can increase the acceptance of others and can lead to much better communication between people regardless of whether or not they can see eye to eye on a particular idea. I am sure I am far from alone in believing that increasing the acceptance of others and a better communication leads undoubtedly to a greater unity since there is strength and unity in diversity.

Peace of mind is undoubtedly an internal matter. It must begin with one’s own thoughts, and then extend outward to the world. It is from one’s peace of mind that a peaceful perception of the world arises.


The series comprises 23 works.

Medium: Cotton mountboard and acrylic on artist’s frame

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