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Memory, noun /ˈmem.ər.i/ is, according to the definition provided by Oxford Languages, “the ability to remember information, experiences, and people” as well as “something remembered from the past”

The ability to remember, the ability to see ourselves in terms of time comes more or less naturally for time is relative to our human minds, it is created by the human mind. The past and the future are only present and real in our minds in every now moment, and it depends on each and every human mind and none of them exist outside the human mind.

Moreover, we always see and sense ourselves, throughout our linear reality, in the present moment, we recall an approximate past, not necessarily known or remembered in every tiny detail, and look into the future, where even if we have a sense of what is to come, we are still wondering many times what it will bring.

While we seemingly remember the past in the now moment, we are in fact recreating or better say creating it over and over again and maintain a relationship and a devoted interest in our relationship to the past (while many times neglecting what is happening in the present right now).

When we are consciously bringing our pieces of memories into the present moment, it is in fact not the past we are looking at but a new creation in the right now moment using elements, pieces of information, using puzzle pieces, from seemingly other “connected” things.

Not only the past is fairly remembered and undoubtedly not seen in every minute detail, but it is not even identical each time we recall it for once we (re)create the past it is illustrative of the present self and emotionality and acting belief.

In what we call the past, the experience might have been different according to the believes that were active at that particular time; while the beliefs are different in the present moment, in remembering the past it is only relevant what we feel in the now moment.


The series comprises 24 installations.

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