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Pathway noun /ˈpɑːθ.weɪ/

  • A track that a person can walk along. ‘New pedestrian pathways are being built alongside the road.’

  • A series of actions that can be taken in order to achieve something. ‘Working your way up through a company is a difficult pathway.’

  • A series of actions that is taken in a particular situation, especially as part of medical treatment. ‘The patient should be given a full explanation of the treatment pathway, and this may include information sheets about their medication.’

  • Medical, biology (specialized) a way for something to spread within the body or between bodies. ‘The mind creates its own neural pathways’.

  • Biology (specialized) a set of connected chemical reactions in biology. ‘The fish can derive energy from sugars via a biochemical pathway that doesn't require oxygen but is far less efficient than the oxygen route.


There is an unknown reality; I am part of it, and so are you.

We are choosing our parents, the environment, and the conditions we are going to live in. We choose them, and we project them ahead of us, out into what we call time. The conditions, while established or fixed in one way, are highly malleable and fluid in another so that a countless variety of probable events can flow from them, and I am neither speaking here about probable selves nor about the symbolic portion of the personality structure.

We might be aware of interests and concerns that will dominate our so-called future, although the particular course of it has not been chosen. As no system is closed, there are no limitations to the Self, and nothing is predetermined or preordained in that sense. Hence, each individual has a choice within the incarnation, a free will, from the human experience, to choose. To explore the unknown reality, you must venture within your own psyche and travel inward through invisible roads as you journey outward on physical ones.

If everything is energy, if consciousness is composed of energy, with everything that implies, the soul, then, can be thought of as a complex or conglomeration of highly charged particles of energy following various rules and properties known and unknown to us. In this sense, we can think of a given Self as a nucleus of an energy gestalt of consciousness. The nucleus, according to its intensity, will attract to it certain masses of the entire energy patterns available to a given Self. In so doing, the soul draws opportunities to be created into the experience, and then, as human beings, based on our free will, based on the system of beliefs, we can say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to a certain opportunity.

In every person's life, there is a moment when one wonders what might have happened had he chosen another path of a certain past event. Depending on the self-feeding system of beliefs and the system of logic created to sustain the system of beliefs, depending on the vibration one finds himself in at the moment of these self-questioning, various thoughts and feelings may appear as regret, or sorrow, or joy, or happiness.

However, no matter what the answer was, no matter what path was taken, there are no missed opportunities, the goal will be accomplished by the soul. There is no right or wrong choice; they are only different choices. Each choice gives us an opportunity for growth that is drawn into it onto the path.

If one would review his life, one could well see from the choices that were made, where he is presently, and what a gift it was that he chose as he did to lead him to his present experience, because nothing is extraneous, everything is part of the process.

We can always use anything that is offered to us, in any form, in a positive way. We might sometimes assume that, perhaps, there are a few things in our reality that we find difficult to assign a positive meaning to. However, everything, everything, everything is synchronicity, and if we say we are willing to assign a positive meaning, our reality will give us many opportunities to assign a positive label. Consequently, we are continuing the flow of allowing our reality to impeccably deliver to us advantage after advantage, opportunity after opportunity, and coincidence after coincidence.

We can still create the idea of the unexpected, we can still create the idea of surprise (which many of us like), we can still create the idea that things come up. Sometimes, perhaps, things are not exactly what we have prepared for, yet every single instance of the particular idea “things are happening unexpectedly” is then interpreted by us. When we are willing to act in this way and consider that even if something different from what we were expecting comes up, knowing and being committed to who we truly are is transparently more obviously beneficial for us than anything we had defined should happen, to allow us to express ourselves fully. Thus, we begin to perceive and interpret unexpected circumstances and results in a very positive and anticipatory way. When we do that, there is nothing that can seem to sneak in there, there is nothing extraneous, for everything is part of the process and not an interruption of it.

There are many ways, many mechanisms, and many ideas through which we express ourselves as physical beings, as lifetimes, as statements of reality, and as our version of reality. The path to our desires is not always a straight path. It is like a water network within which water can reach from one point to another in several ways, sometimes it can choose the shorter path, other times the longer one, sometimes it can have a higher speed and other times a lower one (depending on the pipe’s diameter), always with curves and tees and valves and elbows. All of these things are not life circumstances and situations, they are only opportunities for growth and evolution. And how we work with the energy of growth when the opportunity arises is what changes us, what expands us as we evolve and mature into the wholeness of being and helps us find our pathway to God


Photographs and installations.

Hand Printed on B&W Ilford Baryta Paper
Matt Coating · Double Weight · 255 gsm · Fibre Base

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