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These are our invoices, our art materials, our energy bills, our council taxes, our grocery bills, and household expenses, combined by sort of chance with no predetermined arrangements.

Neither with my previous works nor with these ones did I ever harbour any intention to blur the line between art and life for, please allow me to disabuse you of this delusion, there is no line between life and art.

We are all the artists of this world, we create life all the time in the same fashion as we create our bodies which intrinsically is an act of creation, the only difference with this process is that we do not usually describe the World as being Art.

We are all creators, we have been given the gift of creating our experiences, hence we are all creating our lives. As a painter puts part of himself into each canvas, we are putting parts of ourselves in each encounter, in each scene, we project in our mind and eventually, we live and experience it. The painter chooses from his palette the colours he wants to use in his artwork just as we choose from the multitude of beliefs available on our mind’s palette those we want to use, those we consciously chose to trust in, with which we choose to paint the physical picture of our thoughts, with which we choose to create our life.

We are each our own artists, and we project our inner dreams and desires, our inner visualizations upon the canvas of life. We can however consider that the artists are just a different kind of creators. Every piece of art comes from an emotionality or from different beliefs that are entwined with the true expressions of the artist’s soul therefore each artwork is actually a perfect extension and expression of the artist’s soul.

The artistic impulses are the very expression of our individuality, not only as human personalities but as part of the individuality of the source we are coming from. They hold great authenticity and those around an artwork may perceive this unperceivable energy that they carry.

Art is nothing more than an expression of the love for life that resides within the artist. In all its various forms it is an expression of life itself, it is an expression of the artist’s soul. We cannot separate therefore and break into different concepts and speak separately about love, life, and art for life is love, love is life, and art is an expression of the love for life that one holds in his being.


Collage, invoices glued on primed Medite Premier MDF board, tray framing.

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