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Equinox noun /ˈek.wɪ.nɒks/

  • Either of the two occasions in the year when the centre of the sun is directly above the Equator, and day and night are approximately equal in length. ‘These are associated with horizon positions of the sun at the equinoxes and solstices.’


Up to a certain point, I was not really convinced that there is such a thing as love at first sight. Of course, I saw it in movies, and I have read about it in novels, but a movie is just a movie after all, and a novel is just the representation of the author's perspective and therefore of his beliefs. Then I opened a door. I was forty-five years old, and in a hall full of people, all I could see were the most beautiful, expressive, and alive eyes in the world.

Likewise, I was not convinced there was such a thing as a perfect relationship between a man and a woman. In this case, however, neither the books nor the movies helped me too much. Then I married Anca, and I have discovered that the perfect relationship does exist, and I am among the blessed ones to be living in such an utterly unconditional love relationship. And yes, we do have an unconditional love relationship, but there is something else: the joy and the fragrance of the marriage of the polarities of the energy within each of us; it is the blending of masculine and feminine energies both between us and within each of us.

For thousands of years, the majority of our society has refused to accept and acknowledge that each and every individual has the capability to blend the masculine and feminine energies into one idea. For the idea of masculine and feminine is simply the idea of energy polarities manifesting in ways that make sense to us in our physical reality.

As a complete human being, we are not just masculine or feminine; we are both. We are both masculine and feminine. Now, masculine and feminine do not mean male and female since feminine and masculine are the polarities of energy. When this blending happens in balance within, one can live a life of fulfilment, enjoying the full flavour and full celebration of the divine beings that we are.

In this life, I identify as a man, but I also identify with many (let's say) feminine characteristics. Having these characteristics does not make me any less of a man. These are just part of my gender identity, and those traits affect my life and influence my decisions as much as many of my masculine characteristics do.


In each end every one of us lies the power to fully blend the masculine and feminine energies, to consciously choose the blending of the polarity of positive and negative energy, to fully blend the harmony and love, the happiness that is ours, that is our birth right and is fully enclosed within us, and in the marriage of the relationship of the female and the male, there is not the loss of individuality but rather the celebration and rejoicing of oneness.

I am only talking here about sex (male and female) and not gender, since sex and gender are different concepts that are often used interchangeably. The UK government, for example, refers to sex as being biologically defined and gender as a social construct that is an internal sense of self, whether an individual sees themselves as a man or a woman, or another gender identity.

When this blending happens in balance within, in harmony, one can live a life of fulfilment, enjoying the full flavour and the full celebration of the divine beings that we are. We can then replace the beauty myth with the unconditionally deserved happiness truth.


Speaking of equality and harmony, we must seek out brothers and accept everyone we perceive to be a brother because only equals can live in harmony. Without judgement, are all men brothers, for who is there who stands apart? We are all equal as learners, although we do not need to have equal experiences. Only one equal gift can be offered to the equal Sons of God, and that is full appreciation. Nothing more and nothing less. Without a range, order of difficulty is meaningless, and there must be no range in what we offer to our brothers.


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