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Thought noun /θɔːt/

  • The act of thinking about or considering something, an idea or opinion, or a set of ideas about a particular subject. ‘Ask me again tomorrow. I'll have to give it some thought.’


Naked adjective /ˈneɪ.kɪd/

  • Not covered by clothes. ‘The children were half naked.’


I wrote before that artists are continuously seeking ways to communicate their inner nature, their thoughts, and their beliefs through everything they are doing, and any artist does the same thing when he translates what he is, or better said, a portion of him, into an artwork.


I have also mentioned that, at the end of the day, irregardless of what an artist wants to express, no matter what he or she wants to convey, eventually it is the viewer, the observer, who fundamentally assigns the meaning of each object or work of art. It matters not if the viewer fully “mentally” understands the artist's enveloped ideas and concepts; it is utterly unimportant what any artist wants to transmit through his artworks, it only matters what the viewers are getting out of it.

As artists, whether we present fantastic rich worlds that we escape in, or a pragmatic and simplified representation of a considered reality we live in, or the weirdest and most vulnerable parts of ourselves, we stand naked in front of you, the public, the viewer, our naked thoughts... naked to be laughed at or praised, naked to be hated or admired, naked to be despised or cherished, to be understood or not, to be criticised or applauded.

In these artworks, I have enclosed the love letters between me and my wife, Anca, collated over our kisses, our thoughts, our channelled sessions, our learnings, our ideas about love, life, and art, and our artist statements. These are our words, our feelings, our embraces, our buckets of tears of sorrow and joy, of desire, of hope, of... love! Love for one another, love for life, love for art, love for this world we live in, love for human souls, love for All That Is.

I harbour no such illusion that an artwork can be universally liked, yet if one man can understand it, if one single man can make sense of our letters, if one person is helped not to feel alone, if one person can understand that he is an essential contributing part of the onward flow of life, if one individual is supported in understanding how much larger a role he has to play still, if one recognises he is incomplete without his brothers and God himself is incomplete without him, the artwork has reached its purpose.


Medium: handwritten notes collated over cropped MDF boards, on artist's frames

Size: 140 H x 100 W x 3.5 D cm

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