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HANDS, 2020

We love with them, we pray with them, we bless with them, we feed with them, we see with them, we speak with them, we create with them. Our hands are the means by which we express ourselves in this physical reality, the outer manifestation of the inner capacity to handle our reality and our experiences.

Expressing ourselves in this world encompasses our interaction with the world. Every single concept, every single object, every relationship, every single situation, in one word every interaction is the same one thing but an encounter with ourselves manifested from all the different points of view that oneness can manifest and what the interaction brings up is what we need to look at at the particular moment of interaction.

We are all teachers and learners, we are all equal sharers, each of us has something to reflect to the other, we are all mirrors.


The series comprises 40 photographs.

Hand Printed on B&W Ilford Baryta Paper
Matt Coating · Double Weight · 255 gsm · Fibre Base

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