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I have always been fascinated by ideas, where they are coming from or how they are formed, where and how they are stored, developed and matured, but above all I was most impressed by how one can look at an idea from several perspectives, how each idea has an opposite, about how although they are apparently opposite both the original idea and its opposite are perfectly valid.

I have previously written about contrasts and opposites (e.g. We Contain All series) but this is a subject that incites me and that I revisit periodically, not to mention my artworks which are mostly in a perfect black and white contrast.

In order for us to create or constantly re-create our physical reality, we have shaped the idea of polar opposites and paradoxes. We have allowed this idea for us to create darkness and light, up and down, right and left, fast and slow, long and short, positive and negative, Yin and Yang, etc.

Due to the fact that we are creating a polarised reality experience, subsequently, we are creating a physical reality to be a polarised reality experience the two polarised opposites are always intertwined in one reality. Hence, every manifestation of consciousness will always have the idea of a reverse aspect, because physical reality figuratively functions as a mirror, and therefore, any information, any communication will always have a reverse aspect or contrast.

This duality, this polarity, often creates a bit of confusion regarding our judgements or appreciations. As many of us from an early age, are trained in one modality over the other, are upbrought in one religion or another, are trained to go in one direction or another, will still have an inclination, from our background, from our training, to choose to look at a particular thought or event through one modality or another. In so doing it is not that we are not seeing the event or the thought but we are only seeing half of it or half of the ways in which we can look at it and eventually experience it.

It is the willingness to comprehend that we have created these ideas within ourselves to make ourselves complete within this realm of reality. We are a polarised society, we contain the whole of the dichotomy of the polarity of the apparent contrasts and opposites. The further we are willing to look at ourselves as a complete and total creator, the more of creation we will allow within our reality.


The series comprises 20 photographs.

C-Type Printed on Fuji Crystal Professional Archive Maxima Paper

Matt Coating · Weight 245 gsm

Mount: Aluminium Dibond

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