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We tend not to see a body as neutral, for our thoughts about bodies are usually not neutral. Similarly, we tend to agree with the mad belief that there are separate thoughts and separate bodies, which lead separate lives and go their separate ways.

Learning is all that causes change its one essential goal by which communication is achieved, and concepts can be meaningfully shared. The teaching of the physical world is a but phase of learning we all must go through. Yet learning that stops with what the world would teach stops short of meaning for it only serves but as a starting point from which another kind of learning can begin.

Bodies are neutral, bodies don’t communicate for minds need not the body to communicate. The body thinks no thoughts. It has no power to learn, to pardon, nor enslave. Bodies cannot forgive.

Minds are joined, bodies are not, they can only do as the mind directs. Bodies can neither offer nor accept; hold out nor take. Only the mind can value, and only the mind decides on what it would receive and give.

The body is the prisoner, and not the mind. The body will but follow, it can never lead. Bodies have no goal for the purpose is of the mind and minds can change as they desire. What they are, and all their attributes, they cannot change. But what they hold as purpose can be changed, and body states must shift accordingly. Of itself, the body can do nothing. See it as a means to hurt, and it is hurt. See it as a means to heal, and it is healed.


The series comprises 13 artworks.

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