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24 HOURS, 2020

Lockdown: The Illusion of Isolation

It is said that “life is made up of little things” and this is a valid option, a valid point of view. However, I do believe that there are no small or big things. I do believe that we are in fact assigning the meaning of each thing, we are classifying and defining if something is small or big, important or not important.

In my truth, all situations, all events, are neutral, they have no (pre)attached meaning. We assign the meaning, and the meaning we assign determines the effect we get out. Before we assign a meaning to an object, or an action we perform, it is “meaning-less”. If we assign a negative meaning, we shall get a negative effect or result. If we assign a positive meaning, we shall get a positive effect or result.

In this series I have deconstructed the 24 hours of a “regular” day into 24 moments (various interactions we have with everything around us in our homes) or rather suggested actions or activities that we usually perform in our daily lives.

At first glance none of these actions is vital, or of paramount importance, but cutting one of them out may change the way we feel about that particular moment or thing. We might be glad it is no longer there, or we might miss it, and by doing this we consciously consider its new or rather updated meaning.

While we do a certain thing out of routine, we perform an action out of habit, we unconsciously assign a meaning. However, once we define the action as a habit, we become conscious about it, it is no longer a habit, it becomes a choice.

The willingness to observe a habitual action, is an interruption of the unconscious action, it is a conscious action that will lead to revising or changing the meaning of a particular thing. Whatever follows, whatever decision it is taken, because a decision is taken, it is now based on a conscious choice.

Since all situations and events are neutral, since we assign the meaning, isolation is just a meaning one may assign to the seeming social distancing. Furthermore, one may feel isolated when in the middle of a crowd or surrounded by close friends, while another may feel the oneness and the fullness of the Universe living in the middle of a remote forest. None of them is wrong, both of them are right, all beliefs and meanings have equal weight.

Besides being just an assignment, I do believe that isolation is in fact an illusion that is not generated by the apparent social distancing, but rather by the dream we live in, by the illusion of separation from our source, from what we really are.

I believe that my reality is in truth only a dream I am having, and I can dream it any way I want to. The world I see around me is an illusion created by the energy I am sending out.

As long as I am in the dream it feels real for me, but realising it is a dream I can change it, I can focus on the reality that I want to create and act in alignment and in accordance with the reality that I prefer to experience as my physical reality.

Within my conscious I can create all possible dreams, all imaginable realities I could ever experience. Choosing between one reality or another is a matter of aligning vibrationally with the particular reality I prefer.


The installation comprises 24 photographs.

Hand Printed on B&W Ilford Baryta Paper
Matt Coating · Double Weight · 255 gsm · Fibre Base

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