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Forgiveness offers everything you want. Do you think there's something you could wish for, and forgiveness cannot give? Do you want peace? Forgiveness offers it to you. Do you want a serene mind and happiness? Forgiveness offers it to you. Do you want a harmony that can never be hurt, a calmness that cannot be distressed, a deep relief, and a rest so perfect that it can never be upset? Do you want to see a happy world of safety and of peace? All this forgiveness offers you, and more. And are there better gifts but these worthy to be sought? ...

Forgiveness Flowers - Photograph

[...] You choose what you want to look at, and this is all you see because projection always makes perception. You do not react to it as if you created it, and you do not acknowledge that the feelings the dream you live in arouse have to originate from you. The characters that peoples your dream and their actions appear to be what define the dream, and you are not aware that you are making others to act on your behalf because if you were, the sin would not be theirs but yours ...

Self-Forgiveness (Leaves) - Photograph

[...] Within this little garden, the ego cruelly rules, and for its defence, it bids you fight against the universe. This fragment of your mind is such a tiny part of it that, could you but appreciate the whole, you would see instantly that it is like the faintest ripple on the ocean's surface. And yet, the ocean does not know about all this weird, meaningless activity. It just keeps going, not realising that a small portion of itself is afraid of and hates it ...

The Little Garden (Shrubs) - Photograph

[...] This is why, in the world of forms, you do not respond directly to anything you see, feel, or hear, but rather to your mind's interpretation, so that your interpretation becomes the justification of the response. Remember always that you see what you seek, for what you seek, you will find.

What you see always reflects your thinking, and your thinking always reflects your choice of what you want to see. Your scale of values is a determiner of this; for what you value, you must want to see it, convinced that what you see is really there. No one can see a world to which his mind has not bestowed value. And no one can help but look at what they think they want ...

Perception (Cactus) - Photograph

[...] It is impossible to see two worlds that have no overlap of any kind. There are no half-measures. Accept a small part of hell as real, and what you will see is indeed hell, and it is this and only this you will see. Seek for one world, and the other will disappear. The one you see is pretty consistent from the point of view from which you see it because it comes from your emotions and reflects its source in everything you see. The real and the unreal are all there are to choose between, and nothing more than these.

Is this a real choice if we consider that we can either go to Heaven or go nowhere? Can one sound mind really choose between the desire for Heaven and the desire for hell?

Heaven & Heaven - Photograph #01.jpg

Rescued Paper, 2023

[...] we seldom ascend to the unseen side of “why” it happened or “to what end” it happened, seeking out for the true significance for there is no object or event or even action that has ever taken place or is taking place now that is without significance.

Work in progress →

Rescued Paper - ConceptualArt #01.jpg

Nothing Is for Nothing, 2023

[...] Nothing is impossible! Nothing is to be discarded; all is to be redeemed. Nothing is wasted, as nothing is delayed, and nothing happens for nothing and to no benefit to another.

Work in progress →

Nothing is for Nothing - ConceptualArt #01.jpg

[...] I wondered how I could cover up a memory and make it disappear or fade it away. What happens if I paint over a photograph? Will the memory of the original photograph completely disappear? What happens if I paint a new memory and overlay it exactly on top of the old one so as to completely block it? Would the first memory be erased from my mind, or would I end up having two separate layers of memories equally present? Is there a subtle, invisible link between "now" and the "past"? What makes one remember certain events or things, especially things that one wants to forget, when one knows that only the present exists?

Remembrance presents things, events, or actions that are long over, but being kept in memory appears to have immediate effects. This world remembered was over long ago.​

Painted Memories - ConceptualArt #01.jpg

[...] Neither with my previous works nor with these ones did I ever harbour any intention to blur the line between art and life for, please allow me to disabuse you of this delusion, there is no line between life and art.

Proof of Address - ConceptualArt #02.jpg

[...] An act of prayer is an expression of request, a way of asking for something. While prayer is the greatest gift with which God blessed His Son at his creation and forgiveness is the only thing that represents the truth in the world of illusions, the only meaningful prayer is one for forgiveness since those who have received forgiveness have everything. The traditional significance of prayer is completely lost after forgiveness has been accepted because all that is being prayed for in a forgiveness prayer is the ability to see what you already have, which is the confirmation of inclusion and the acceptance of belonging to the Sonship.

Prayers (Chimneys) - Photograph #01.jpg

[...] Not one thing in this world of forms is really true. It matters not the form in which it may appear, for it witnesses but to your own illusions of yourself and of the world. Since the world is nothing in itself, your mind must give it meaning. And since there is no world apart from your ideas, no matter what meaning is assigned to them by other people, a triangle that is neutral per se, it means nothing in itself until your mind assigns a meaning to it.

Perception is always consistent with your choices, and what you see always reflects your thinking. And your thinking reflects your choice of what you want to see. Your beliefs and values are decisive in this; for what you value, you must want to see it, believing that what you see is really there ...

Triangles - Photograph #01.jpg

[...] It is neither foolish nor arrogant to admit that what holds the world or forms bound is nothing but your own beliefs, your own thoughts. It is not foolish to accept that you made the world you see, and it changes as you change your thoughts. But it is foolish to consider that you came into a world separate from you, indifferent and unresponsive to everything you think, and completely different from what you expected it to be.

One of the main thoughts that you have to accept in this physical world is that there is no world! You were wrong about the world because you misjudged yourself. From such a distorted point of view, what could you truly see?

There Is No World - Photograph #01.jpg

[...] And yet, how many times have you heard the question, at least from others if you haven't asked yourself so far, “What am I?" or “Who am I?” or “What am I looking for here?”. Do these questions show the certainty that people know exactly who they are and why they are here?

There is no doubt that it does not have its roots here. There is no question that is not reflected by it. There is no conflict that does not involve this one simple question “What am I?". However, who could ask such questions but one who has refused to recognise himself as what one is? Only the refusal to accept yourself as what you are could make the question seem to be honest ...

Bodies Don’t Communicate - Photograph #01.jpg

[...] However, the story does not begin with the eyes but rather with the thought because perception is always, but always a mirror, not a fact. Thoughts begin in the mind of the thinker, from which they reach outward. A split mind can perceive as well as think. Yet perception cannot escape the basic laws of mind. You identify thoughts from your mind and project your perceptions outward, even if perception of any kind is unreal.

Perception is always a result and not a cause for projection makes perception. Perception selects and shapes the world you see. It literally picks it out as the mind directs, and what you look at is the outside picture of an inward condition ...

The Aesthetics of Beauty, (LooBrush) - ConceptualArt #01.jpg

[...] It was loved and heated, it was admired and despised, it was cherished and detested, it was desired and rejected, it was craved and disliked, it was abused and adulated, it was sold and bought, it was molested, raped, burned at the stake while it was glorified and venerated in hymns, poems, and art. I am not certain if there is anything more controversial and tormented on one hand and adulated on the other hand than a woman's body...

Everything, utterly everything in this life of dreams or dreaming life, is a belief. There is no world; everything we experience in this physical reality is the product of what we believe in, it is reinforced by how we feel about the belief, and it is structured by what we think about what we feel about what we believe...

A Woman's Body - ConceptualArt #01.jpg

[...] whether we present fantastic rich worlds that we escape in, or a pragmatic and simplified representation of a considered reality we live in, or the weirdest and most vulnerable parts of ourselves, we stand naked in front of you, the public, the viewer, our naked thoughts... naked to be laughed at or praised, naked to be hated or admired, naked to be despised or cherished, to be understood or not, to be criticised or applauded ...

Naked Thoughts - ConceptualArt #02.jpg

[...] Originally, as if frozen in a world that was not ours, as painted in a painting we were not part of, we couldn't do anything. We have, however, agreed, as I wrote to her, that “I shall search for you on all the planets and in all the lives I shall ever have,” and we allowed ourselves to write to each other.

These are our love letters rewritten on our costumes since we were two faceless souls communicating with each other. These are our words, our feelings, our embraces, our buckets of tears of sorrow and joy, of desire, of love, of... hope!

Love Letters - ConceptualArt #01.jpg

About Love, Life, and Art

[...] The artistic impulses are the very expression of our individuality, not only as human personalities but part of the individuality of the source we are coming from. They hold great authenticity and those around an artwork may perceive this unperceivable energy that they carry.

We cannot separate therefore and break into different concepts and speak separately about love, life, and art. Life is love, love is life, and art is an expression of the love for life that one holds in his being.

Fusion - ConceptualArt #01.jpg

[...] In each end every one of us lies the power to fully blend the masculine and feminine energies, to consciously choose the blending of the polarity of positive and negative energy, to fully blend the harmony and love, the happiness that is ours, that is our birth right and is fully enclosed within us, and in the marriage of the relationship of the female and the male, there is not the loss of individuality but rather the celebration and rejoicing of oneness ...

Equinox - ConceptualArt #01.jpg

We love with them, we pray with them, we bless with them, we feed with them, we see with them, we speak with them, we create with them, but we also attack or protect with them. As part of our bodies, our hands are the means by which we communicate; we express ourselves in this physical reality, the outer manifestation of the inner capacity to handle our physical reality and our experiences. And still, as part of the body, they cannot do anything by themselves. Who directs them, who tells them what to do, and who takes the decisions?
If a decision needs to be made, it is, of course, the mind and not the body that makes it. There is a great deal of resistance to recognising this because the existence of the world as you perceive it depends on the body being the decision-maker [...]

Hands - Photograph #01.jpg

[...] during the analysis of the frameworks of your thoughts, even if you are one Self, you may perceive yourself as two: good and bad, loving and hateful, mind and body. The notion - this sense of being divided into opposites - can cause tension and lead to attempts to reconcile irreconcilable elements of this self-perception. You have tried many solutions without success. The polarities inside you will never be compatible. But one does exist.

To be saved, you have to understand that reality and illusion are incompatible, regardless of your efforts, tools, or perspective on the issue ...

FrameWork - ConceptualArt #01.jpg

[...] While asleep in the dreaming world, the memory retains the message it receives and does what it was given to do. It does not write the message, nor does it indicate what it is for. Like the body, it is purposeless in itself. And if it seems to serve to cherish ancient hatred and give you images of the injustices and wounds that you were saving, this is what you asked its message to be, and that it is. Committed to its vaults, the history of the body's entire past is hidden there. All the strange associations made to keep the past alive and the present dead are stored in it, waiting at your command to be brought to you and lived again. And so, their effects seem to be increased by time, which has removed their cause...

Memories - ConceptualArt #01.jpg

[...] It is always a good advice to refrain from judging, not because it is a right to be withheld from you but because you are not capable of judging. You can merely believe the ego's judgements, all of which are false. It carefully manipulates your senses to demonstrate your weakness, helplessness, fear, fear of a just punishment, blackness from sin, and misery from guilt. Since judgement does not exist outside of perception, judgement is symbolic.

When the Bible says, "Judge not that ye be not judged," it means that if you judge the reality of others, you will be unable to avoid judging your own ...

Viewpoint - ConceptualArt #01.jpg

Clouding the outer features, the kiss became a ripple of life, and the ripple became a wave of light, and the light became love, and love became a kiss.

Everything flows, everything transforms, everything changes, our beliefs are changing (even if at times we are not fully aware of that), our bodies are changing, we are changing, the wind is changing, the oceans are changing, Earth as we know it is changing. We live in a liquified reality, in a continuous cyclic flow where consciousness it turned into matter, and then into pure energy, and back again, continuously fuelled by an untenable desire of fulfilment, or value fulfilment, in which each seeks to enhance the quality of life ...

Liquified Reality - ConceptualArt #01.jpg

[...] As art creation springs from a combination of thoughts and therefore emotions, enjoying an artwork is not only therapeutic, but it also highlights the ethereal wedding of the conscious and unconscious mind, transforming the viewer into a creator per se.

Just as a photograph is the re-creation of something that was previously created, in the very same way the viewer, from his own inner identity, is the re-creator of any artwork. The viewer’s conscious mind arose to open up choices, to free him from a one-road experience and feelings (e.g. “what did the artist want to say?”), to let one use his or her creativity to form diversified, wide-ranging comprehensions.


[...] Belief is powerful, indeed. The thoughts we hold are mighty, and illusions are as strong in their effects as the truth. However, salvation is easy to achieve because everyone is free to change their mind, and all their thoughts change with it. Once we decide that a certain belief is no longer representative of who we choose to be, for who we truly are, we can decide to change it. Now the source of the thought has changed, because to change our mind means we have changed the source of all the ideas we think, have ever thought, or will ever think. We release the past from what we once believed, and we free the future from all ancient thoughts...

Changing Beliefs - ConceptualArt #01.jpg

[...] However, no matter what action we take or not, being aware that not taking action is an action per se, we should not judge, we should not blame. Under no circumstances can judgment mean integrity. As an opposite to integrity and integration, judgement stands for the separation of the self who perceives, and therefore judges and values, from the object or action which is perceived and evaluated.


[...] There are many ways, many mechanisms, and many ideas through which we express ourselves as physical beings, as lifetimes, as statements of reality, and as our version of reality. The path to our desires is not always a straight path. It is like a water network within which water can reach from one point to another in several ways, sometimes it can choose the shorter path, other times the longer one, sometimes it can have a higher speed and other times a lower one (depending on the pipe’s diameter), always with curves and tees and valves and elbows. All of these things are not life circumstances and situations, they are only opportunities for growth and evolution. And how we work with the energy of growth when the opportunity arises is what changes us, what expands us as we evolve and mature into the wholeness of being and helps us find our pathway to God.

Pathway - ConceptualArt #01.jpg

[...] The first law of chaos is that the truth is different for everyone. Like all earthly ideologies, this one maintains that each individual is a separate individual and has a different set of thoughts that set him apart from other individuals. This principle starts to develop from the belief that there is a hierarchy of illusions, where some are more valuable than others and therefore true. Each individual establishes this for himself and makes it true through his attack on what another values. And this is justified because the values differ, and those who hold them seem to be unlike, and therefore enemies...

All Truths Are Truein Chaos - Photograph #01.jpg

[...] In a larger sense each and every individual human being is an artist, is a creator. Out of our thoughts, our ideas, our belief systems, we paint daily our lives, we picture our future, we act in interacting with others, we form the living sculpture of our body and this is far more important to us than any other work. It can be conceptual or not, it can be random or not, but at the end of the day our life is our most Intimate work of art. And even this artwork is open to the observation and reflection of everybody, including the creator himself.

Frame of Reference - Photograph #01.jpg

[...] All that it takes to align or realign our reality according to our preference is the clearness of our vision, or, in other words, our clear intention(s). The moment we are conscious of anything, it is no longer something remaining in our subconscious, it is something conscious, which we now choose to do something about. When we establish our clear intention, we adapt the frequency of our reality to the frequency of our desire. Hence, that it is not simply a mental exercise to clarify and establish our clear vision, it is, accurately, the initiating step that sets up the energy template, the model, that “our reality then grows upon." Therefore, it is not merely an exercise but a foundational statement of a conscious creator...

We Contain All - Photograph #01.jpg

[...] In Truth there is no darkness, and there are no contrasts. There isn't any difference. Nothing is interrupted. There is a peace that is so profound that not even the faintest dream in this world has ever brought even a dim imagining of what it is.

Everything boils down to what do we want. Do we still want to play with contrasts or find the Truth? Light or darkness, knowledge or ignorance, are ours, but not both. Opposites must be brought together, not kept apart, for their separation is only in our minds, and they are reconciled by union, as we are. In union, everything that is not real must disappear, for truth is union. As darkness disappears into light, so ignorance disappears when knowledge arises ...

Playing Contrasts - ConceptualArt #01.jpg

[...] In addition to that, the models we take are always altered by our interpretation. And what is important, the models we consider always contain something that is already contained within us, maybe something that we reject or deny about ourselves, or maybe something “new” that we wish to bring in and experience and we wish to express, but we always already possess within ourselves that particular characteristic, let's say, even if we are not aware of it.

We alter these persons or characteristics that we label as models, we alter them by our interpretation and our imagination, we project into those models different, various beliefs that we already hold ...

Models - ConceptualArt #01.jpg

[...] Let us accept our rightful place as co-creators of the world. Let us accept that we are no more slaves to time than to the world we made. Let us accept ourselves as Sons of God, not weak but strong, not helpless but all powerful, not doubtful but certain, and eternally safe in everlasting love. Let us be truly humble and accept that we are what our Father’s Will created us to be: perfect sinlessness, infinite, and eternal. Just for an instant, let us be willing to see no past or future, for always has no direction. This lesson takes no time. For what is time without a past and a future? It has taken time to misguide us so completely, but it takes no time at all to be what we are...

Now - ConceptualArt #01.jpg

[...] The willingness to observe a habitual action is an interruption of the unconscious action, it is a conscious action that will lead to revising or changing the meaning of a particular thing. Whatever follows, whatever decision is taken, because a decision is taken, it is now based on a conscious choice.

Now, consciousness is the state that induces action, still, it does not inspire it, but beliefs do. While we have the liberty to have any beliefs we choose, we also have the responsibility for what we believe in, and our actions will always bear witness to our beliefs ...

24 Hours - Photograph #01.jpg

[...] But there is no clock, for there is no time, the cuckoo clock strikes only in my head and not in a hollow of the tree. Over the years, I understood that the flowers and the trees have their own consciousness and still share an organised consciousness that perceives more than the sum of its parts, similar to the living parts of our body. Each cell and organ have its own awareness or consciousness and also a gestalt or collective consciousness, of which we, as individuals, are barely aware. Moreover, we, as entities as human beings, while we seem to be individual, unique, and independent, we are part of the collective humankind consciousness, which, in turn, possesses an identity...

Linear Time - Photograph #01.jpg

[...] But all the trees and all the elements that we perceive in our life are in truth our creation, our collective consciousness keeps this Earth into its very form as we perceive it, as we taste it, or smell it, or touch it, and eventually admire it.

Momentum - Photograph #01.jpg

[...] Yet, every part contains the whole, a drop of water has all the properties of the ocean. Everything we call physical reality is just the product of the information we have and of the definition we choose to use. One drop is the whole ocean. Whether this makes sense in our physiological reality or not, a drop of water contains the whole idea of the information of the ocean, each drop, each portion carries within it indelibly the knowledge of the whole, of the entire ocean, and it is just a matter of how we define it and what definitions we choose that might sometimes make it look different.

Quantum - ConceptualArt #01.jpg

[...] When we maintain the consistency of what we have decided, when we choose who we are, and then continue to decide "this is who I am," then we create a continuity, then we create the foundation through which we can begin to see the changes in our reality, see the changes in our lives through the eyes of the decision.

Monochromatic - ConceptualArt #01.jpg

[...] When we maintain the consistency of what we have decided, when we choose who we are, and then continue to decide "this is who I am," then we create a continuity, then we create the foundation through which we can begin to see the changes in our reality, see the changes in our lives through the eyes of the decision.

Lockdown the Illusion (Progression) - ConceptualArt #01.jpg

[...] Let us then remember that we invented the world we see, and we are not its victims. How are we to be the victims of a world that we have the power to utterly undo—and this applies to our inner and outer worlds, which are actually the same even though we see them as different? The chains are loosened, we can drop them off merely by desiring to do so, and we can leave simply by walking out. Our desire to remain captive in this world is the only thing that keeps us here.

Fill in the Blank - ConceptualArt #01.jpg

The Lecture Centre at Brunel University

Whisper - ConceptualArt #01.jpg

The Royal National Theatre

Sand and Water - ConceptualArt #01.jpg

Southbank Centre

Interchange - Conceptual #01.jpg

The Barbican Centre

Concrete Reality - ConceptualArt #01.jpg

[...] I do believe it is the right time to wide open our Inner Doors and see who we prefer to be, to re-create the reality we want to live in. We can change ourselves; we can change our vibration; we can start to see a different world.

Inner Door - ConceptualArt #01.jpg

[...] What is real and what is not? Is a reflected image lesser than the original one that was projected? Are both the same?

Parallel Flow - ConceptualArt #01.jpg
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