Auguries of Innocence
To see a world in a grain of sand / And heaven in a wildflower
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand / And eternity in an hour.

Copyright 2020 Cristian Stefanescu - All Rights Reserved


Address: Chapel Lane, Chalgrove
Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

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We have been taught about opposites or contrasts. A contrast creates the world we perceive. White needs to join black in order to be called light. White cannot be named without the understanding of the black. When I see red I know that my brain will automatically project on my retina a certain green so that we speak about the complementary contrast.

We use this premise as a fundamental base for understanding. When we name something as “negative” we keep in mind the meaning of “positive”. But I cannot stop wondering what really represents at a deeper level a “based on contrast” thinking or analysing? In photography the meaning of negative and positive remains outside of any scale of evaluation. Negative is just another way of perceiving beauty.


The buildings presented in this photography series are:

  • More London, also named London Bridge City, is a development on the south bank of the River Thames, immediately south-west of Tower Bridge in London. It includes the City Hall, a sunken amphitheatre called The Scoop, office blocks, shops, restaurants, cafes, and a pedestrianized area containing open-air sculptures and fountains lit by coloured lights. Architects: Foster and Partners.

  • City Hall (opened in July 2002) is the headquarters of the Greater London Authority (GLA), which comprises the Mayor of London and the London Assembly. It is located in Southwark, on the south bank of the River Thames near Tower Bridge. Architect: Norman Foster