Auguries of Innocence
To see a world in a grain of sand / And heaven in a wildflower
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand / And eternity in an hour.

Copyright 2020 Cristian Stefanescu - All Rights Reserved


Address: Chapel Lane, Chalgrove
Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

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I believe in energy. I believe in human energy as well as in the energy of all other living beings, such as animals, birds, trees or flowers. But I also believe in the energy of water, of wind and all known and unknown objects. Hence, I believe in the energy of a photograph.

And what is the energy of a photograph? Is it the energy of the space that is framed in the viewfinder, is it the energy of the photographer? I think it is a combination of the photographer's energy when he pressed the shutter button and everything that forms the energy of the photographed space, the sun and the earth, the land and the sky, the clouds and the air, the animals and plants, the wind and rain.


The places presented in these photos are:

  • Chalgrove is a village and civil parish in South Oxfordshire about 10 miles southeast of Oxford. The parish includes the hamlet of Rofford and the former parish of Warpsgrove with which it merged in 1932.

  • Cuxham is an English village in the civil parish of Cuxham with Easington in South Oxfordshire. It is about 5.5 miles north of Wallingford and about 6 miles south of Thame

  • Stadhampton is a village and civil parish about 5 miles north of Wallingford, in South Oxfordshire, England. Stadhampton village is on the A329 road and close to the River Thame

  • Great Haseley is a village and civil parish in South Oxfordshire, England. The village is about 4.5 miles southwest of Thame. The parish includes the hamlets of Latchford, Little Haseley and North Weston and the house, chapel and park of Rycote

  • Great Milton is a village and civil parish in Oxfordshire, about 7 miles east of Oxford. The 2011 Census recorded the parish's population as 1,042

  • Watlington is a market town and civil parish about 7 miles south of Thame in Oxfordshire, near the county's eastern edge and less than 2 miles from its border with Buckinghamshire. The parish includes the hamlets of Christmas Common, Greenfield and Howe Hill, all of which are in the Chiltern Hills